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We received the RNF's Business Award 2022!

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Earlier this month, our Head of Sales, Stine Østnes, represented Østnes Helicopters at Ringerikskonferansen 2022. Ringerikskonferansen is conducted by the Ringerike Næringsforening, and this year's conference focused on the business prospects and difficulties in the Ringerike region from an international, national, and local viewpoint. Together, high experienced leaders and local firms from a variety of industries were gathered to share their beliefs, and to inspire and discuss the business communities' future.

For that occasion, Stine Østnes were requested to deliver a brief speech on why we opted to invest our business at Eggemoen, Hønefoss, and to share how we worked to get to where we are now. A great and central location for distribution with proximity to Gardermoen and Oslo, faith in the vision and long-term perspective of Eggemoen Aviation & Technology park, and a conducive atmosphere are some key words for why we opted to invest our business right here. In consistent with the commitment at Eggemoen, Østnes Helicopters' aim over the last year has been to co-locate our business areas, recruit local employees, take responsibility for increasing industry capabilities by becoming an educational firm, and contribute to greater industry safety via specialization.

This year, we were given the RNF's Business Award, confirming that our efforts over the last year have been successful. The jury's reasons for awarding the Business Award 2022 were as follows:

"The company is relatively new to the Ringerike region. It developed a "One Stop Shop" and service center for Airbus helicopters in Eggemoen in 2020 as part of the Eggemoen Aviation & Technology park. In aircraft engineering and service alone, 12 new staff were employed in 2022 due to the company's rapid expansion. In addition, they have substantial growth ambitions, and it is certain that their expansion will occur at Eggemoen. The company is an excellent example of what can be accomplished in a technological environment in Eggemoen, and we believe it can lead the way for both its own expansion and the formation of other businesses in the region. The company is also engaged with recruiting and settlement in the Ringerike region in order to increase its visibility and presence."

Photo: Elin Harstad Iversen, Ringerikes Blad

After the conference, Stine Østnes expressed her excitement of receiving the award to Ringerikes Blad:

There are plenty intriguing events occurring. Future developments at Eggemoen will increase, according to Stine Østnes, who pledges additional investments and employment. She commends the proprietor of Eggemoen, Ola Tronrud, for facilitating the business. The position of Ringerike is precisely ideal. (Ringerikes Blad, 10.13.22)

We are honored and humbled to receive this award, and we are grateful to our employees, partners, and customers for allowing us to do what we love most!

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