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Air Greenland's Helicopter Fleet Evolution: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Upgrades

Explore Østnes Helicopters' innovations, ranging from advanced tech installations to tailor-made modifications. Join us for an exclusive sneak peek into Air Greenland's nine upgraded H125!

With the delivery of nine new H125s scheduled to commence in late summer 2023 and extend into 2024, Air Greenland is making remarkable strides to modernize its helicopter fleet, solidifying its position as a leader in the charter industry, catering to tourists and mineral sectors.

In this thrilling development, Østnes Helicopters has been chosen by Air Greenland to customize these aircraft, ensuring that each one is tailored to the airline's unique requirements. Our mission involves a range of essential installations, resulting in a truly bespoke and high-performance aircraft that is perfectly aligned with Air Greenland's vision.

Here's a glimpse of the transformations we're making to these helicopters:

  1. Cargo Pods: We're enhancing the capabilities of the H125s by installing cargo pods, expanding their utility beyond passenger transport. This mean greaters cargo holds volume to carry various loads, from equippment to supplies.

  2. Flightcell DZMx: Our expert technicians are equipping the aircraft with Flightcell technology, guaranteeing efficient communication and data connectivity, vital for remote and challenging operating environments. This advanced technology system offers both cellular and Iridium connectivity for remote missions. Pilots can seamlessly communicate with anyone using the integrated intercommunication system (ICS). Furthermore, it provides real-time H/C location to operator systems and includes the capability to connect a laptop via USB for internet acces.

  3. FM Radio NPX 138: With the FM Radio, the helicopters will maintain seamless communication, ensuring the safety and security of passengers and crew during each specific mission.

  4. Garmin GTX 345R: The Garmin GTX 345R adds an extra layer of security, offering ADS-B In and Out capabilities, providing real-time information on air traffic through Garmin Display Units for enhancing situational awareness.

  5. Airframe painting: As part of the customization process, the aircraft will undergo a stunning transformation at our painting service center, Heli Paint, located at Eggemoen. Our painters will meticulously apply the Air Greenland paint scheme, ensuring that every detail is perfect, and the aircraft emerges as a true work of art, both in appearance and performance. Following these extensive modifications, applying a fresh coat of paint offers significant advantages.

  6. Installing Floats, Bearpaws, Wearplates and Emergency Litter Deck: These installations are vital for versatility, allowing the aircraft to perform excellently in a range of conditions, including water landings and extreme environments.

  7. Battery Relocation Kit: By relocating the battery in the tail boom, we're optimizing weight distribution and improving overall aircraft performance. This also maximize the cargo hold volume.

  8. Maximum Pilot View Kit: Our customization includes the installation of a Maximum Pilot View Kit, offering the pilot an unparalleled field of vision. This enhancement ensures safer and smoother operations while reducing pilot fatigue.

  9. Implementing Engine Inlet Barrier Filter: These additions are crucial for safeguarding the engine by preventing snow and ice intake, while also extending its service life through the filtration of pollutants, dust, and ashes.

In addition to these modifications, Østnes Helicopters performs various minor improvements, which include:

  • Installation of an aft cargo door locking switch with a warning light to enhance safety.

  • Integration of a power supply for the crew's ANR headset.

  • Addition of an instrument panel Push-to-Talk (PTT) for specific missions.

  • Enhancement of the power supply socket in the cockpit for improved versatility.

Østnes Helicopters is dedicated to achieving the highest standards and is at the forefront of innovation in the aviation industry. We welcome prospective customers to discover how we can enhance their helicopter fleet, much like we are currently doing for Air Greenland.

View the video below for a sneak peek at the delivery of the first two helicopters, OY-HVH and OY-HVI, which took place in late November.

Film: Ola Ulhen // Ulhen Productions

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