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About Continuing Airworthiness


Trough Østnes Aero AS continuing airworthiness management (CAM) services, The Østnes Group provide highly effective safety and airworthiness management for Part-SPO, Part-ATO and Part-NCO helicopters operators in the Nordic Countries.

Through this offering, Østnes Aero AS monitors all configuration and airworthiness aspects of a customer’s rotorcraft – enabling the customer to direct their focus on operations.


Our CAMO management services include the following:

  • Development, certify and control of a suitable Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP)

  • Management and approval of modification and repairs

  • Ensuring that maintenance is carried out i.a.w. the approved maintenance program

  • AD/SB and modification assessments

  • Aircraft defect / deferred defect control

  • Record / technical log control and retention/safekeeping

  • Re-checking and archiving of line and base maintenance records

Among the key benefits of these services are increased fleet availability, optimised maintenance operations and secured aircraft value.

Østnes Aero AS also offers sub-contracting of continuing airworthiness management tasks for Part-CAT operators.

  • Preparation of forecasts, work packages, Work Order, Task Cards and Engineering Orders

  • Hard time and Service Life Limited Component Tracking and Control

Airworthiness Review

Østnes Aero AS offers the following:

  • Performance of airworthiness review (physical and records review)

  • Issue an Airworthiness Review recommendation report.

  • Extend Airworthiness Review certificates.

  • Issue Airworthiness Review Certificates.

Other services that can be offered:

  • Maintenance Check supervision and site representation during maintenance events

  • Aircraft inspection

  • Defect assessment and provision of technical solutions (analysis of Technical Log remarks, monitoring of repetitive defects, occurrence reporting)

  • Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection

  • Aircraft Consultancy Services

  • Quality Audit Services.

Approval Certificate

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