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Mini-event in Finland

This past Tuesday, our team at Østnes Helicopters had the incredible pleasure of hosting a thrilling mini-event in collaboration with Airbus Helicopters at Helitech OY's location. Despite the autumn weather, the event turned out to be a remarkable success, leaving us excited to share the highlights of the day with you.

We were delighted to welcome customers from all across Finland for a day filled with engaging conversations, delectable finger foods, snacks, and even some breathtaking experiences with demo flights featuring the H125 and ACH130 helicopters. Airbus Helicopters, our esteemed partner, also graced us with informative presentations on the #H125 and #H130 models, adding to the wealth of knowledge shared during the event.

This fantastic Tuesday would not have been possible without the invaluable support of our great partners: Helsinki Citycopter, Heliwest, Helitech Oy and Airbus Helicopters.

See pictures from the event:

A massive thank you to everyone who visited us in Hyvinkää on this thrilling Tuesday. We genuinely appreciate your support and engagement. It was an incredible day, and we cannot wait to see you again soon for more exciting adventures, insightful conversations, and perhaps even more thrilling events in the future!

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