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Helsinki-based helicopter company increasing its fleet with corporate helicopters!!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

#HelisinkiCiticopter, which has got off to a literally flying start with their business and charter operations, is increasing its fleet with two corporate helicopters. The company has ordered one premium-quality Airbus ACH130 helicopter and will also rent an identical one. These helicopters, the most advanced in the business flight sector, will be handed over to Helsinki Citycopter in the spring, with the first commercial flights starting in summer 2022.

Helsinki Citycopter began operations in 2020, bringing helicopter services more available to the general public. Services familiar in international metropolises became popular among Finnish customers during the pandemic because of flight restrictions. Encouraged by the higher demand, Helsinki Citycopter decided to expand its fleet. They chose Airbus ACH130, which is one of the world’s most advanced models not only because of its flight properties and safety but also its environmental friendliness. With the new helicopters, Helsinki Citycopter’s fleet will grow to five, and become the most modern in the Nordic countries.

“Since the 1980s, Finland has not seen corporate-level helicopters like these, and once we receive the helicopters in the spring, we will have the best fleet in the Nordic countries. Best in the market in terms of quiet operation and environmental impact in this size range, the helicopter is also equipped with technology that increases safety and comfort,” says Joonas Nurmi, the co-founder of Helsinki Citycopter.

The Airbus ACH130 is more spacious than earlier helicopters used for civilian flights in Finland, and it has been designed for clientele that expects premium services. The soundproofed cabin is equipped with air conditioning, and the raised rear part of the cabin offers an unobstructed view in all directions. The turbine engine has been improved to be more fuel-efficient, which reduces the environmental impact.

”The new helicopter is not only efficient, safe and stable, but in terms of the distance and number of passengers, it consumes less fuel than an average-sized motorboat. These investments are indeed in line with our sustainability strategy aiming at carbon neutrality. We are the only aviation company whose service has been granted the Sustainable Travel Finland label, and these new helicopters aim to reduce flight emissions even further,” says Nurmi.

Finland covered quickly with helicopters

The seven-seater ACH130 has a maximum speed of 240 km/h with a maximum flight time of four hours.

“With these new helicopters, we can offer more people memorable travel experiences and a quicker connection to places that have previously been difficult to access or at least taken a long time to reach in Finland. As an air-travel hub, Helsinki-Vantaa will continue to connect Europe and Asia, so our service will

be welcomed by transit travellers who want to see as much as possible in a short space of time. At best, we can take customers on board during the few hours they have between flights. We strongly believe that helicopter travel will also increase in Finland,” says Joonas Nurmi.

Helsinki Citycopter’s current fleet consists of Airbus H125, EC120 and Robinson R44 helicopters, carrying 3–5 passengers. Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council chose Helsinki Citycopter as the 2022 startup. The company is also involved in Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland programme and in the City of Helsinki’s partnership network that promotes sustainable travel.

#ØstnesHelicopters, the Official Airbus Helicopters distributor in the Nordics, are very pleased with the decision by Helsinki Citycopter to make ACH130 their choice when expanding their helicopter business in Finland. “Having sold more than 300 Airbus Helicopters since our inception in 1993, we know these products by heart and as such that the ACH130 will fulfil the requirements as well as expectations by Helsinki Citycopter and its customers. We wish Citycopter all success with its fleet expansion and we do look forward to increasing our cooperation resting on Østnes Helicopter’s One Stop Shop concept”, says Frode Østnes, the executive chairman of Kjell A Østnes AS.

For further information, please contact:

Joonas Nurmi,, mobile phone number: +358504944322,


Mr. Frode Østnes,, mobile phone number +4791154970.

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