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By exclusive mandate of the owner, we are proud to present this H125 in excellent utility/passenger transport configuration!

Delivered from Airbus in 2017, operated and based in Norway.

A/C TT 2751 FH (10/11-23)

150 H / 6 M inspection performed in Sept. 23

New starter generator installed Aug. 22

Registration LN-OPI

Serial number 8536

Fully operative - available now!


Mission Equipment



Heavy Duty Blade Pins

Pilot Windshield Wiper

Dual Controls

Conventional Fuel Tank

RH Side Electric and De-iced External Mirror – FP

RH Side Electric and De-iced External Mirror – RP

Cargo Swing (1.400kg – 3.080 lb) – FP

Cargo Swing (1.400kg – 3.080 lb) – RP

Capabilities for Extended Cargo Swing

Enlarged Cockpit Floor Window (right side)

LH landing light (swivelling in elevation and azimuth)

Emergency Flotation Gear – FP

Donaldson IBF System

MR Tiedown Kit

VFR day and night package with integrated Flight Display Garmin G500H, included in baseline definition:


VHF/VOR/LOC/GS - Garmin GNC 255A

Intercom system (ICS) - Garmin GMA 350H

Transponder (mode S) - Garmin GTX 33H

VHF/VOR/LOC/GS - Garmin GTN 650H

Avionic display system G500H

FM Radio TFM-138B Starter generator

Thales Avionics 150A, instead of Skurka 150A in baseline Independet battery for the back-up gyro-horizon

Thales H321EMH (included in baseline)

Swiss Helicopter iPad Holder

Safran Arriel 2D

Director Sales I I +47 909 66 562


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