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Disclosure under the Transparency Act


Disclosure of the due diligence assessment

The Kjell A Østnes AS group (Østnes Helicopters) opposes any form of human rights violations and indecent working conditions in our supply chain and among our partners. Østnes Helicopters strives to ensure accountability in our operations and is committed to complying with applicable laws and regulations, including the Transparency Act. This law aims to promote respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions by businesses.


Kjell A Østnes AS represents the helicopter manufacturer Airbus in the Nordic region. The company's business operations target both the civilian and military markets. The company has its headquarters in Oslo. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Østnes AERO AS, represents the helicopter manufacturer Airbus and engine manufacturer SAFRAN providing spare parts to customers. In 2020, the company established a new helicopter maintenance center at Eggemoen, authorized by Airbus and since 2021, also certified by Safran. The wholly-owned subsidiary, Dragonfly AS, acquired in 2019, offers leasing and financing of smaller helicopters. The wholly-owned subsidiary, Kjell A Östnes AB, established in 2021, sells helicopters in the Swedish and Finnish markets.

The board of Kjell A. Østnes has initiated and initiated a process to follow up on the requirements of the Transparency Act. The board will approve and adopt final guidelines and follow-up procedures, while the managing director will be responsible for implementation and compliance.

Procedures and guidelines

Østnes Helicopters aims to promote good working and environmental conditions in our supply chains and will impose strict requirements on its suppliers and partners. We expect all our suppliers to adhere to the relevant laws and principles:

  • National legislation

  • ILO conventions on child labor (C138, C182), forced labor (C029, C105), discrimination (C100, C111), and freedom of association (C087, C098).

  • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

  • UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) 

Additionally, we want our suppliers to follow the UN Global Compact's ten principles for responsible business. These guidelines outline how the company ensures reliable operations concerning human rights, labor, anti-corruption, and the environment.

Østnes Helicopters will continuously work on developing our supplier policy, and we expect our suppliers to comply with these laws, principles, and guidelines. We will communicate this to our suppliers and assist them in implementing these requirements with their subcontractors.

Our goal and policy are that in case of violations of these guidelines, Østnes Helicopters will collaborate with suppliers to remedy the deficiencies. Contract termination will only occur if the supplier is unwilling to rectify the issues, even after repeated communications.

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