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We are proud to present this BK117D-2 in HEMS configuration!

Operated and based in Norway.

A/C TT 3070 FH (05/02-24)
Registration LN-OOO

Serial number 20160


NVIS Certified

Under SbH and PbH contracts.

D3 conversion kit and retrofit of Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) system may follow.

Available for delivery in June 2024!


Mission Equipment


Copilot flight controls

Battery (44 Ah, 24 V) instead of standard battery

Electrical Heating System

Additional electrical unit

Dual landing & search light, 450W (white & NVG)

ELT AP-H Integra (ER)

Night vision (NVIS) certification

Cable cutter system

Fuzz burner for engines, main transmission and Fenestron® gearbox

Improved heat protection for engine cowlings

Engine compressor wash kit

Vector Mast Moment System (VMMS, circular)

Sliding doors fastener for intermediate and max position

Tinted sunshades

Window in clam-shell door LH

Push-out cabin windows

Performance improvement kit for bleed air heating system Alternating Current (AC) system

Fuel management system (Fuel flow meters)

Settling protectors

External hoist, RH, fixed provisions

External multi-purpose camera

Dual cargo hook

Tail flood light for clam-shell doors

Strobe lights

Emergency floats (Safran)

Separation curtain for cockpit/cabin

Active vibration control system

Washable floor covering for cockpit

Height adjustable cockpit seats

Jettisonable cockpit doors

iPad holders for pilot and copilot with 5VDC USB supply

Health Monitoring System (HMS)

BAM Ice Grip Plate instead of standard wear plates

Aerolite Medical interior

  • EASA STC 10052111 EMS P/N 145-0045739-501

Becker DVCS 6100 audio system with 3x ACU 6100, pilot + copilot   + cabin

Transponder GTX 33 ES incl. mode S and ADS-B Out (Garmin) Distance Measuring Equipment DME-4000 (Rockwell Collins) Marker beacon receiver MKR3300-1 (Becker)

GPS/NAV/COM GTN 750 (Garmin) pilot and copilot w/COM 16w SBAS RNP approach capability

Flight Display Subsystem (FDS), copilot

Integrated Helicopter Terrain Awareness System (HTAWS)

Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorder (CVFDR)

Lightweight Aircraft Recording System (LARS)

Vision 1000 (Appaero)

Cobham dual tetra radio system with dual control head in cockpit   and cabin (Provision only, no radios or control panel delivered) Search and Rescue weather radar RDR-1600 (Telephonics)

Traffic Advisory System TAS 620 (Avidyne)

Synthetic Vision System (SVS)

Moving map Euronav – RN 7 (Hensholdt Avionics) interfaced   with FDS, with the following:

  • Sky track option (Iridium)

  • GSM/UMTS option

  • FLARM option

Tactical radio VHF-FM NPX138N – NVG (Canyon)

Wireless intercom system Polycon NG (Axnes)​, 1 MP50 handheld unit

Flightcell DZMx cellular and Iridium satellite system, with GPS tracking solution

Flightcell external WIFI router


1: Safran Arriel 2E turbine engines with electronic engine control   (double channel FADEC)

2: Safran Arriel 2E turbine engines with electronic engine control   (double channel FADEC)

Director Sales I I +47 909 66 562


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